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“Cory Quirino World of Wellness (CQ WOW) is the realization of my dream to make health, beauty and wellness affordable and available to all who wish to live longer and look better!”


Ms. Cory Quirino

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Cory envisions CQ WOW as a storehouse and sanctuary for Philippine-made products with 80% of the inventory to be locally-sourced and manufactured, bringing her one step closer to raising the Filipino flag locally and, eventually, globally championing all Filipino health, beauty and wellness products.


Cory Quirino World of Wellness stores offer products personally chosen by Cory Quirino, which meet her personal standards of excellence and embody the store's tagline "Celebrate Life the Natural Way."


Cory Quirino, a tri-media personality, has been a strong advocate for natural health, beauty, and wellness for more than 20 years. She launched the Cory Quirino World of Wellness Retail Stores in 2008 with entrepreneur Sheila Mae M. Velilla. Backed by a rich heritage of business stability in pharmaceutical trading, Sheila Mae M. Velilla has successfully led and managed her own companies, Biolink Pharma, MRV, Nutramedica, Inc., Pharma North, Escondido, and Cory Quirino World of Wellness.


Cory Quirino World of Wellness now offers the convenience of delivering wellness right at your doorstep, anywhere and anytime, 24/7!


Cory Quirino World of Wellness is a division of Nutramedica, Inc., a corporation established in 2006 and engaged in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.


The office of Cory Quirino World of Wellness is located at #35 Scout Lozano Street, Quezon City (1103). For inquiries, you may contact hotlines (632) 376-4535 and 0922-8820575, or send a fax message to (632) 413-5079. You may also send e-mail messages to info@cqwow.com or visit cqwow.com for more information.